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Physiotherapy at Dynamic Physiotherapy and Wellness

If your body isn’t functioning as it should, you’re probably missing out on a lot in life. You may have problems related to your mobility, flexibility or are in pain from a type of injury. Your physiotherapy at our clinic will partner you with our qualified physiotherapist, working together to achieve the best results.

Physiotherapy helps you through physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and overall health and fitness. The benefits may include

  • Assists in rehabilitation
  • May help you avoid surgery
  • Enhances mobility and strength
  • Helps in postural correction and ergonomic guidance
  • Improves body balance and coordination
  • Makes you independent in daily and functional activities
  • Manages age-related issues and chronic illness
  • Promotes flexibility and functional endurance
  • Assists in recovery from and prevents sport injuries
  • Reduces or eliminates pain

Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to help you recover from an injury or make you feel better. Some examples of these include

  • Electrical modalities to ease your pain and discomfort
  • Energy conservation techniques for elders and low endurance patients
  • Joint mobilization and glides
  • Personalized exercises program
  • Physiotherapy consultation and advice
  • Postural correction and ergonomics guidance
  • Soft tissue release and massage and trigger point/myofascial release
  • Dry needling to reduce tightness and improve muscle function

Please be sure to wear clothing that will work with the area of your body that is going to be treated. For example, if it’s your lower leg, wearing shorts may be appropriate. Your clothing should be comfortable and non-restrictive. Bring any relevant medical records that you have such as X-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs or CT scans that may assist in diagnosing your condition.

Bring information about your health benefits. We offer direct billing. If you’ve never been here before, we’ll have you fill out some paperwork when you arrive.

Start Your Healing

Contact Dynamic Physiotherapy and Wellness today to book your first appointment for physiotherapy Spruce Grove! Our flexible hours include Saturdays and evening bookings.

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