Physical Therapy

At Dynamic Physiotherapy and Wellness located in Spruce grove, our physiotherapists work with patients with all sorts of injuries.
The physiotherapist at our Spruce Grove clinic uses the latest diagnostic tools to determine the nature and source of your issue then uses various physical therapy tools to improve mobility and function in the affected area. Some of these physiotherapy treatments shockwave therapy, manual therapy and manipulation, spinal decompression, education, heat, cold, electricity, laser therapy and include exercise.
Our physiotherapist provides high-quality physiotherapy assessment, rehab, and wellness care in Spruce Grove. Using a personalized assessment — we individualize all our physical therapy programs for each patient—

In addition to general physical therapy treatment.  We also provide chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, laser therapy, vibration therapy, shockwave therapy and spinal decompression.


If you live in Spruce Grove—or even any of the surrounding communities — contact us today to discuss how physical therapy can restore the life you once enjoyed.

Common ailments we treat include muscle
strains, ligament injuries, tendonitis, tennis/golfer’s elbow, pump bumps, ankle/knee sprains, turf toe, and fractured bones.

Physiotherapy Assessment is $100

Physiotherapy Treatment $60

Physiotherapy with IMS is $80 

Physiotherapy with Acupuncture $70

Physiotherapy with Decompression is $100

Physiotherapy with Shockwave is $100 - $250

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